Hallett Gutter Cover FAQ

Will pine needles, seedlings or other debris find it's way into the guttering? Debris and leaves are mostly blown into open top gutters, which can cause severe clogging and the need for messy gutter cleaning. In most cases, if small bits of debris do enter your gutter, they will flush through the gutters and out the downspout. An annual inspection of the gutters and downspouts is recommended.

Will Hallett Gutter Cover® work on cedar or tile (slate) roofs? Yes, but extreme care and caution should be taken when installing and installations may be limited to new roofs only, as these types of roofs may break when lifted to install the gutter cover.

Will Hallett Gutter Cover ® work with vinyl guttering? No. Hallett Gutter Cover® has been tested and it was found that most vinyl guttering does not have the lip to accommodate it. Schantz Home Improvement also offers durable aluminum seamless gutters.

How about the inside corners and roof valleys? All inside corners and roof valleys need a deflector to insure no water run off. Screening may be used in place of the deflector, but it is recommended to use the deflector to insure proper water flow.

Should the ends of Hallett Gutter Cover® be covered? Yes. Birds and small animals may find their way into the guttering through any open ends. To eliminate this, our installation will ensure there are no openings.

Is there a warranty? Schantz Home Improvement warranties all installations.

Contact us for Hallett warranty service for your previously installed Hallett systems By Schantz Home Improvement.