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replacement windows: Andersen windows or vinyl windows?

Replacement window needs vary by region. Andersen windows were my families preferred manufacturer when building custom homes for nearly half a century in upstate NY. I grew up regarding Anderson wood windows and doors as the best. Older Atlanta homes have different replacement window requirements, so we don't recommend them in our region.

Vinyl windows are made specifically for your home, your window openings. Anderson wood windows are made in a variety of stock sizes. For new construction, this is no problem; you choose the window style and size you want and the builder frames the rough window opening appropriately. But for replacing old windows, you find the closest fit and then shim and trim to make them work. This is critical for windows to open and close as easily as in the demo room as your living room. (same applies to aluminum replacement windows)

Vinyl windows never need painting and won't show scratches because the color is throughout the material. This is why vinyl windows are taking market share from Anderson wood windows for both new construction and replacement applications in our region. When doing home improvement projects, homeowners prefer materials that will decrease the amount of time they have to spend on home maintenance.

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Window diagram shows components that provide the basis for superior energy savings. The multi-chamber design helps trap dead air to produce an effective insulating barrier, while welded frames and sashes provide structural strength. and create a permanent barrier against air and moisture infiltration.

Several window manufacturers produce welded windows. Beware of windows with mitered corners screwed together or chemically welded corners, as you may have problems with opening smoothly over time.

Wood windows expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes while vinyl windows are more stable. Anderson wood windows are among the best in their class, however, if not maintained, even they will require costly repairs.

Reducing noise and reducing energy bills are both benefits of replacement windows. Our customers constantly tell us they enjoy the quiet of there home after replacing their windows and doors.

But what about the beauty of natural wood Anderson windows? Vinyl windows come in many finishes, including wood finish and solid colors. We're certain that after you see samples, you'll agree that your home will be just as beautiful with vinyl windows as with Anderson windows. For those looking for a wider variety of styles and beauty, we are an authorized distributor for several manufacturers so we can deliver just the right window for your home, your neighborhood, and your budget.

Energy efficient windows? Our Energy Star window choices have been keeping competitors like Andersen on their toes. Only products with exceptional energy efficiency are recommended. In 2000, Multiple chambers increase window insulation power and eliminate the need for storm windows.

Don't look all over town for Atlanta remodelers, we can handle very aspect of your residential home improvement project. Exterior doors and patio doors are a key part of your home improvement project for energy efficient savings. Throughout our web site you'll find more information about double hung, casement, bay windows and about vinyl replacement windows.

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