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An associate will arrive with a guaranteed accurate aerial measurement of your roof. The time spent with you will be focused on the problem, resolutions, your budget and other mattters, not climbing around your roof for measurements.

Have you ever called and the estimator never showed up? Or showed up 4 hours late and you were stuck waiting all that time when you had other things to do? Sure you have, because it happens all the time, whether for the cable company or a repairman, the service industry is filled with stories of no-shows and late-shows. We'll be there at the appointment time unless there are extenuating circumstances ( all roads closed!) and if that happens, we'll give you a call so you're not waiting.

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The most common complaint about leaking roof repairs is repairing the same problem again.

As part of our process we identify the obvious problem(s), and the underlying issue(s) that caused it. It seems simple, but most companies don't properly identify the underlying issue that caused the leak. Avoid overspending, reoccuring leaks and other problems with a 40 point inspection by an independent third party at project completion.

Do you need a new roof?

Roofing Repair and Replacement

If your house is typical, its roof is covered with pre-2010 manufactured asphalt shingles. The shingles usually needed to be replaced every 15 or 20 years. Temperature extremes and sunlight crack, curl, and split the shingles. Rain and sleet wear them down. Wind tears them. With newer materials, proper installation, and the right roofing system you can extend the life of a roof to LIFETIME WARRANTY- NEVER PAY FOR REPAIRS AGAIN!

Where Do I Begin?

We start with a 40 point inspection. This report is essential for helping you understand the depth of the problem and estimating your project. Why did your roof leak to begin with? One of the biggest reasons why roof repairs fail is that the leak was fixed but the underlying cause was not.

Do I need a new roof or a repair?

Our expert team will help you evaluate your options based on the report and your budget. Our businesss is built on referrals and we promise not to sell you something you don't need.

Roofing materials

You can select from many materials, from wood shakes to clay tile to slate. But by far the most practical choice, accounting for nearly two-thirds of all re-roofing in the U.S., is asphalt shingles.

Educate Yourself

Although homeowners may select the type of roofing, they usually leave the brand to the roofer, and that may be unwise. Even experienced roofers are apt to judge quality by two seemingly sensible but not always reliable criteria: weight and warranty.

Warranties on asphalt shingles typically run from about 20 to 40 years, but that's not as generous as it may seem. Generally, the warranty covers both materials and labor only for the first year. After that, the cost of labor may be excluded, and the cost of the shingles is prorated, sharply reducing the warranty's payback over the years. Some warranties are transferable, a consideration if you're planning to sell, or buy, the house. But some manufacturers charge a transfer fee or reduce the coverage sharply. Many won't transfer the warranty at all. Check when you choose a brand.

Schantz Home Improvement Company is a GAF Certified Master Elite Roofer. This qualifies us to offer a non-prorated 50 year materials AND labor warranty.

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Schantz Home Improvement Company is a GAF Certified Master Elite Roofer. This qualifies us to offer a non-prorated 50 year materials AND labor warranty.

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