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The most important aspect to protecting a homeowner's investment is the home's exterior covering. There are many choices on the market today including brick, stucco, wood clap, vinyl, cement board, to name a few. It is extremely important to chose a material that has a proven reliability record. Muti-billion dollar lawsuits have occurred recently over masonite, wood composite, and certain stucco sidings. The homeowner in these suits typically recovers only a percentage of the depreciated material cost. This may amount to only 10-15% of the cost of re-siding a home.

Vinyl siding and fiber cement board (commonly referred to as Hardiplank) has been used for decades. Both siding materials have proven reliability records and are very affordable compared to brick, stucco, or other exterior choices. Vinyl siding is unchallenged for both cost and low maintenance. It is important to note that vinyl siding can be purchased in many different grades. Schantz Home Improvement Company uses only the highest grade vinyl siding.

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