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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding...It's not the same old plastic anymore!

Most people compare other external siding products to vinyl siding they see in multi-family apartments or retail center applications.

There is a vast difference between low-grade vinyl siding and a high-end (but not necessarily high cost) rigid quality siding product.

Many companies don’t look after your best interests. They offer an inferior product that will save you money in the short run. A low bid contract could get you this:

bad siding example poor siding wall

Schantz Home Improvement recommends Alside Charter Oak vinyl siding.

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After all, Alside invented aluminum siding in 1947, deriving their name from "Aluminum Siding." Alside began production of vinyl siding in 1979 and introduced the industry's first one-piece reinforced premium vinyl siding - Charter Oak.

Compare the differences between an economy siding job and a GREAT siding job:

  • Proper installation of any siding is just as important as the material installed. Even the highest grade product will not function well if improperly installed.
  • Economy- and medium-grade siding is typically only .038”-.040” thick Charter Oak is .046” thick - that's 24% heavier!
  • Charter Oak is rated as one of the toughest vinyl siding products available. In other words, it is extremely resistant to scratches and damage caused by tree limbs or any other object striking the home, including hail.
  • Charter Oak will give your home a beautiful look without warping, twisting and bubbling.
  • It will be difficult to tell the difference if your home is sided in maintenance-free vinyl siding or old fashioned wood lap siding.
  • The color is manufactured throughout the panel and not just "painted" on the surface. In the unlikely event the siding does scratch, it won?t even show!
  • We pay special attention to detail during the installation. Please review the "our work" section to see how we treat your home.

Have Schantz Home Improvement install Premium Charter Oak vinyl siding by Alside and never paint again!

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